23 March 2008

An Easter Celebration

I was kitted out for my first ordained Easter in all the finery that St. James Fordham Manor could muster -- and they could muster quite a bit as it turned out! The cloth of gold dalmatic is a donation from a monk of vicar's order, the maniple and Byzantine stole is from the vicar's ordination set. More finery than I will likely ever have the honor to don again.

Here is Mr. George Greene, Master of Ceremonies and Sub-deacon for the day (and a great teacher to me of my liturgical duties), the Rev. Tobias S. Haller, BSG, vicar of St. James, and the new deacon.

The vicar and myself at the Easter luncheon which was also an ordination celebration.

Ms. Patience Okuwoha, longtime member of St. James and one of my ordination sponsors.

The fine ladies of St. James who prepared and served today's celebratory lunch.

The parish hall was well and truly packed.

The delicious cake!
A very big thank you to all the wonderfully supportive people of St. James Fordham Manor. They were most generous in celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and my ordination. A day I will long remember.

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ymp said...

It looks like a great celebration.