06 June 2008


Been a while since I posted here, but things continue apace. Of note:

I signed a letter of agreement with the Rev. L. Kathleen Liles and, in August, I will become the Assistant to the Rector at Christ & St. Stephen's Church in Manhattan. I'm very pleased to be joining Mother Liles in ministry and to be called to serve the people of this wonderful parish.

The Ordination of St. Stephen by Vittore Carpaccio

It was expected, but nonetheless, is good to hear that the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of New York has approved my ordination to the priesthood. That long-awaited event will take place on Saturday, September 20th at 10:30am in the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine here in Manhattan. There will be a reception that afternoon at Christ & St. Stephen's. And I will preside at Holy Eucharist for the first time the next day, Sunday, September 21st, also at Christ & St. Stephen's.

In the interim months before I begin at CSS, I'm working for Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York; which means I'm working on the Cathedral Close everyday and get to see things like my bishop waiting for the crosstown bus. Right now we're raising money for feeding programs in Episcopal parishes across the diocese.

Click here to donate to these and other EC sponsored programs.

That's all for now. Watch this space for much jubilation when we find a place to live!


Arianne Weeks said...

Hey - well lookie here - I can stay in touch with you and STILL avoid Facebook! Congrats again on the ltr of agreement! :)

J.R. Lander said...


Congrats on your new job - where's Josh Condon going?