11 May 2008

Farewell to St. James, Fordham Manor, the Bronx

Today, May 11th -- Mother's Day and Pentecost -- was my last Sunday as seminarian at St. James Fordham in the Bronx. St. James has been my spiritual home for two years. Fr. Tobias Haller, Br. James Teets, Ms. Monica Stewart, Mr. George Green, and so many others have been my mentors and teachers, and friends. This morning for Pentecost we sang "There's a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in this place..." I can testify to that!

The mad, bad St. James acolytes: Megan, James, Justin, Daqwan, Yadel, Jay and Brian.

The inimitable Ms. Monica Stewart

Abigail and Anita Laryea

Mr. Stephen Ajasin

Our matriarch "Mother St. James"

The cake frenzy!

Tyra LOVES to have her picture taken!
A wonderful place where I have learned so much...

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