18 December 2007

The unavoidable, and perhaps unforgivable, CHRISTMAS LETTER!

We kind of hate ourselves for doing this, but we have for the past few years while we're here at seminary. So here's another Christmas Update from Mark and Denton -- oh, and er, umm, Maisie.

This is Maisie, she's a 10 week old West Highland Terrier who came to live with us the week after Thanksgiving. In case you didn't realize it, we can confirm that 'Westies' are pretty stubborn and hard to train. She's a sweetie, though. And will likely prove a worthy successor to our beloved Molly, who died unexpectedly this past summer.

Mark is getting ready to take his ordination exams beginning on January 2nd for 4 days. He'll be tested in the 7 areas required by the canons of the Episcopal Church: The Holy Scriptures,
Church History, including the Ecumenical Movement , Christian Theology, Christian Ethics and Moral Theology, Studies in Contemporary Society, including Racial and Minority Groups, Liturgics and Church Music and the Theory and Practice of Ministry. As long as he's memorized everything in these few books, he'll do fine!

Then, God willing and the people concenting, Mark will be ordained a deacon on March 15th and a priest on September 20th of next year. Stay tuned for updates on that!

Denton left his rather taxing position as the CFO of the College of Mount Saint Vincent at the end of November. How taxing was it? Well, they hired three vice-presidents to replace him -- so that's some indication!

He's a full time puppy trainer at the moment. And he's been seen wearing this button around the seminary Close while Mark is preparing for those ordination exams:

Denton will begin a job search when he returns to New York from visits to Floribama and Tennessee. If you see any of these, let him know:

Next year will be a year of change for us -- Mark will be graduating from seminary and looking for a job as a priest. If you see any of these, let him know:

That means a move to, hopefully, somewhere in the area. Watch this space for details.

Til then have a Merry Christmas, and a New Year of peace and joy.

With love, Mark and Denton

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Sue said...

Dear Mark and Denton,

MERRY CHRISTMAS. It was wonderful to get your Christmas card and to read your letter and meet your new darling pup! Congrats to you both -lucky girl for finding her way to the home of YOU TWO!!

We miss you and think of you both so often, with great love.

Sue and Tom