04 August 2007

Bell Harry Tower

Monday afternoon we climbed to the top of Bell Harry Tower, the central and tallest of the cathedral's towers. Here are some pics from the trip up.

This is the tower from below. And yes, we made it to the roof.

And this was what the way up looked like.

There were some great views of Canterbury town from the stairway up. But nothing like the views from the top.

Halfway up is a square one can walk around that affords magnificent views up the Quire and down the Nave. Here the Varasi Singers are rehearsing for that evening's Evensong.

And this is one of the views from the top, looking west toward the front two towers of the western front of the cathedral.

The trip up the tower afforded a great view of Cathedral Lodge where we are staying.

These are Virginia Seminary folks on top of the tower -- this is as 'high church' they will ever get!

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