28 July 2007

Pilgrimage To Canterbury

We went on pilgrimage today, walking part of one of the medieval pilgrim's routes -- this one from Winchester to Canterbury, a distance of about 120 miles. We walked the last 7 or so. The day was perfect for a walk across the north downs of Kent. Here are some of the shots:
Again there were fields of golden barley all along the route. And a blue sky with clouds.
We trouped along the rights of way between fields. Here, we're walking between a barley field and a hop field gone to seed.
Here are Clive from India, Ben from Atlanta, and Kate from VTS coming down the slope.
We've crossed the highway and we're walking alongside a pear orchard. In front of Ben is Christine from Hong Kong and Gabriel from Zambia.
Of course, not matter where you are, there you are...By the end of the day, we were back at Canterbury and the clouds were gathering and darkening. All around a great, great day.

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