25 July 2007

Crab & Winkle Way

Yes, Virginia. There really is a Crab & Winkle Way and I've been from one end of it to the other, and back again. And I may do it all again tomorrow.


It's 7 miles from Canterbury to Whitstable on the coast, so 15 or so miles round trip

This is what the pathway looks like most of the way. Soft gravel, fields of rape, trees that serve as windbreaks for the fields, but also some woods and a few stretches through Canterbury and Whitstable neighborhoods.

On the bridge over the A290 highway from Canterbury to Whitstable -- and the ubiquitous golden fields of rape.

The 'beach' at Whitstable. Whitstable is an oystering town, and they'd just celebrated the Whitstabel Oyster Festival. Cute fishing village, not overly commercialized, with lots of working class/middle class families on holiday.

The sky is so big and so beautiful in Kent. The clouds and the golden rape and the blue, blue horizon.
The view from the hill just outside of Canterbury as the clouds parted and the sun shone on the cathedral.

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Sue Westmoreland said...

Dear darling Mark,
I love getting this from you and seeing where you are and your new life. Wow! It's so great to see you in your priest costume (ok, what are those things called again) and then in your bicyling costume - all on one page!!! Awesome...I love you so dearly - Sue