20 July 2007

Canterbury at first glance

I'm finally here in Canterbury after trains, planes, automobiles and 'coaches'. This is a shot of the view from my room in the Canterbury Cathedral International Study Center. I'll be here for not quite three weeks with 35 other newly ordained priests and seminarians from throughout the Anglican Communion. So far, I've met folks from the US, Namibia, South Africa, The Seychelles and Zambia -- and that's with only 2/3s of us here. Should be a great time and should be interesting and challenging.

The trip was fine, if quite long. Entered London in yet another torrential downpour -- the UK has had three of four bad rains this year, and today was another. Didn't seem to affect my travel. Got here from London well enough. Took the (much cheaper) bus and got to see all the golden fields of rape that are ubiquitous in Kent.

Am trying to stay awake til at least 10pm tonight so as to reset my jet lagged circadian rhythms. Had a spot of lunch upon arrival (actual cucumber sandwiches (no crust, of course) while seated at a garden table just off the Study Centre refectory. Can't make this stuff up.

Walked around the city centre to avoid taking a nap. Here are some scenes:

These are the heraldic shields and devices on the gate to the Cathedral Close. A few of my favorites are here: Portcullis, Tudor Rose, Royal Arms...

This is the bank of the River Stour that runs through Canterbury. Lovely, eh? I love the green river grass that lies just beneath the waters surface and makes the river bottom look like a sheet of waving emeralds.

The Crab and Winkle Way: a bike path to Whistable I hope to ride along next weekend.

Heard Evensong this evening in this magnificient, glorious space, sung by the choir of Pusey House at Oxford. It could have been 1607 instead of 2007. It was a thing of great, great beauty -- and they do it 7 days a week -- all to the glory of God.

Time to catch a little British TV and then hit the sack. Days begin with Matins and Eucharist in the mornings and attendance is required. Yikes!

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